Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floor 2019 | Top 7 Choices

The care of our floors can be an endless challenge that is only based on proper treatment and maintenance that depends on the type of floor that rests in the space that you are maintaining. We understand this! Wood floors often tend to accumulate more than other materials for floors, sometimes we finish doing maintenance but without getting convincing results.

For the help of this maintenance, we must take into the importance that requires having a good cleaning team guarantees a better cleaning and a better presence of our spaces, some vacuum cleaners do not have the necessary scope that our spaces require, some do not go down enough, or have enough suction power to completely eliminate the dirt in our environments, some of our equipment is not even special for hardwoods, and can damage our floors right away!

But we do not have to worry about that, now we can find a specialized vacuum cleaner for our hardwood floors. This way we do not destroy our floors in search of the perfect cleaning when we use a vacuum cleaner to avoid unnecessary scratches!

All we need is cleaning equipment that assures us an excellent suction of all the existing dirt and at the same time avoiding scratches or other damage to our floors. We always see in commercials that there are many vacuum cleaners, and many of them have different functions or characteristics, some have the ability to adjust the level of suction from low power to high power and can be combined with rotating brushes or other types of brushes, allowing that the dirt in our environments is completely eliminated and our floors and carpets are totally clean.

We know what you have in mind, what features should I look for in my next vacuum cleaner?
Mainly, we must know that everything mentioned above as the suction adjustment for a deep cleaning of our floors according to the power that can be provided by our vacuum cleaner and the use of brushes are basic characteristics of any vacuum cleaner, more, it is worth saying that in currently, we can take into account new improvements in our models.

We have LED headlights, which can expose levels of dirt that many times for the human eye is impossible to find, such as pet hairs or small debris of fine dust just behind our bed, furniture, carpets and those places where is no a good lighting.

Some vacuum cleaners show a subtle adjustment of the brushes and materials of the rollers that not only maintain an adequate cleaning but also protect our floors and reduce the maintenance we give to our spaces because they diminish the fact of having to find our own hair or our pets entangled in the bristles of our brushes. This was very necessary!

Some adjustments such as the elimination of cables in wireless vacuum cleaners have caused an increase in our comfort when cleaning. But even so, we have not been able to identify with this new world of the perfect vacuum cleaner for our environments.

For this, we have brought you the 7 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors that will make you scream with emotion and run away to start cleaning your spaces!

  1. The Shark Navigator Liftaway Pro, with a great reach became one of the favorites for all people, it is a vacuum cleaner with a solid, resistant material that will make you rest without worrying about any damage in a short time of use. The cleaning that this vacuum produces will leave you open-mouthed, and it will leave you thinking on inviting all your family and friends to admire how shiny your hardwood floor looks.
  2. Dyson V8 without cable, if you are looking for and need a vacuum that does not have tedious cables that tend to get tangled while cleaning, the Dyson V8 is a perfect choice for you! It is a vacuum cleaner with characteristics such as power, which is perfect for our complete cleaning of the home or office, it also has lightness, you can even clean your stairs! What else are we going to ask?
  3. Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert, this type of vacuum feels soft with wood, but it is quite effective to loosen and grip dirt, debris and all the dust accumulated in our floors. Presents a small container, wheel of rubbers and felt that will not mark your floors, and a brush with soft bristles that can grab all the dirt and at the same time take care of your wood. Just what we are looking for!
  4. Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505, is a very economical and powerful vacuum cleaner, optimized to offer quick touch-ups of wood and other hard floors. It has a very light presentation and therefore very portable, that you can take with you wherever you want, and all for a comfortable price!
  5. iRobot Roomba 690, as we can not leave behind the new technology of this era, this robot not only promises us a severe cleaning but also comes with the option of being compatible with smartphones, this device is ideal for all types of floors it is a good choice for hardwood floors, floors with carpet, tiles, and not only that, but it keeps cleaning for more than an hour! Before you need to dock and recharge.
  6. Kenmore 31150 Elite, Perfect for all types of allergies! Some people can not stand the dust when they begin a deep cleaning of the spaces. Aside from bringing an LED beacon to observe in tight spaces, it also has a vertical bag with a HEPA filter certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, making it perfect for those allergies! Right
  7. Miele Complete C3 Marin Asister Vacuum Cleaner is not only a vacuum cleaner with high power, but it is also easy to use and has very exceptional durability. This vacuum cleaner comes with accessories that will make your cleaning days better, with it you can clean furniture, floors and even curtains! Exceptional!

From those list of best vacuum for hardwood floor, you can choose one that suitable to your need and budget! Happy shopping…

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