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132 Easy REAL Ways to Make Money Online from Home (Even for Beginner)

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Do you have a job that eats into just a few hours of your day and leaves you doing nothing for the rest of the hours? Are you a stay at home mum or a student seeking to have a sense of purpose? Making money online has never been this pronounced. In this age and time where anything is attainable online, it is better to do the ultimate- make some money.
While you may already be familiar with some of the ways to make money online, a comprehensive list of so many more unbelievable ways have been compiled to open your eyes to see the real deals.
Before you go through the list, you may want to make it a point of duty to list out some of your strengths and the underlying problems you are capable of solving with your gifts. This will brace you up for the number of jobs you would have found worthy at the end of this run.
Shall we?

easy real ways to make money online from home

1. Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever craved passive earning so much that you can literarily taste its oomph on your tongue? You have. Just as any progressive thinker.
Affiliate marketing is how to get started if your dream will come to fruition. It’s unarguably one of the core ways to earn online. The world is weary of banner ads, and a few companies thrive on guerilla marketing.
Everyone is online these days. So, why not get them to see the products as they surf?
To get paid, all you need to do is be online and ready to help promote products. You can design a link for this and every product purchased via this link; you get your share of the sales price as long as you have a contract with the company.

2. Installation Of Apps On Your Mobile

All you need to be able to do is install these apps on your phone- before long, these apps will track your phone use and you, in turn, get paid.
This is one of the most compelling ways of earning passively.
Some of the apps to install are;
Mobile expression, ShopTracker, NielsonMobile panel.

3. Get Paid To Complete Easy Tasks

Can you think of any easy task right now? I can think of some; searching the internet is one, taking surveys is another. See how easy this list is, you can get paid for not even starting but just completing the tasks.
It is a great way to make great use if your megabyte and make more money.
Check Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Earnhoney, Fusion cash, Points2shop, and Grabpoints among other sites to get the best deals.
Sell a simple service for $5 on Fiverr.
You have this gig as a ghostwriter, graphic designer, web developer and so much more on Fiverr.
Remember that although, these jobs are alternatively desirable, and fun. They can also be excellent sources of income.

4. Create And Sell An Online Course

Here is where you see the dividend of extensive studying. This is for the lots who are well informed about a specific topic.
Health, mathematics, writing, design and so much more are some of the most surplus producing niches.
You can start an online course. Of course, you need to get your creative cap on to attract the right audience. Some websites are as well instrumental in getting your wallet filled with cash.
Udemy, Thinkific, Skillshare, Coursecraft, PathWright, Kajabi, DigitalChalk and Teachable are some of the reliable sites to go to for promoting your online course.

5. Viewing Lock Screen Ads

You only need to have applications like SlideJoy lock screen cash and Fronto lock screen cash for you to earn about $36.50 per year.
There are few things you need to ensure intact, a smartphone at hand and internet connection to allow ads show on your lock screen. You do not even need to click on the ads to earn up to 10 cents daily.

6. Teach International Students ESL

Online platforms like Vipkid, iTalki, dadaABC have been designed to make English enthusiast earn a reasonable amount of money.
Your fluency in the English language is acknowledged by these platforms, and a train has been made available to make you connect and teach ESL students for money.

7. Create Youtube Videos And Monetize With Ads

Do you have something to offer your community? It could be that you are a great singer, a fitness coach, a great cook or a lifestyle coach. YouTube is famous for getting you out there and giving you a satisfaction that is beyond feedbacks. This will happen if you do things right- you can make a lot more than you ever thought was possible from making YouTube videos if you are willing to monetize your videos.
Not to blow things out of proportion, about $2,000 can be made from having a million views.

8. Build Smartphone Apps

We are all just beneficiaries of beautiful applications today. Imagine your smartphone without essential apps, not so cool right?
The exciting part is that so many apps are yet to be discovered and developed. As an app developer, you can be the one to take that giant stride by using the Appypie to build apps. You also do not need to pay or have knowledge about coding.

10. Do Graphic Design

Do you have a knack for graphics and can produce mouth-watering designs within a stipulated time, it is simple!- do design.
Any severe business today embraces graphic design. Hence, if you are a good designer, you are wanted!
Some platforms that are known by business owners to produce the best graphic designers are; upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Peopleperhour, e.t.c.

11. Search On Google And Other Websites And Get Paid

Something as easy to do as clicking on search engines and inputting all kinds of words and phrases you are curious about can fetch you just about the right amount to suffice for a side hustle.
You can join Omee to get aid for searching on Amazon, Google, and eBay.
Having an Omee browser and registering with the website gives you the right to seeing some ads now and then, a simple click on these ads is a guarantee that you will earn some cents.

12. Watch Videos And Earn Enough

A good number of us enjoy watching videos on and offline. You have to find the kind of videos that interest you to attain that level of satisfaction that you want.
Not only this, but you can also earn in cents per video.
The pay may sound ridiculous but following the right path can indeed make you change your mind.
The go-to websites are Swagbucks and Earnmoney.

13. Get Paid For Your Online Purchases

Your flair for online shopping now has a reward. You only need to acquaint yourself with the right websites and boom! You are making cool cash from your online purchases.
For everything you buy, use a cash-back website and expect to get a small percentage especially if you did your shopping on Amazon.

Specific cash backs to notes are;
Shopathome, Befrugal.

14. Earn Big From Testing Websites

It is reasonable that some webmasters seek a second eye on any job done. So, if you have interest in testing websites and giving reviews, you are wanted.
Through the user testing, you can connect with the webmaster you’ll be working for.
You also need a beautiful video and editing skill because you will need to make a clip of yourself criticizing a website. Sending this video gets you some amount of money.
There are very few website testing jobs out there. Hence, as a tester, you tend to earn above minimum wage. Other websites where you can find webmasters who want their work to be critiqued are, Userlytics and TestingTime.

15. Stay Healthy And Get Paid

So many gains already come from staying fit and healthy; it is more important news to hear that you can get more benefit from doing something as essential as staying healthy.
The apps that connect you with other people and reward you for all healthy activities are; the achievement app, dietbet, stepbet.
For activities like sleeping, walking, jogging, and others, you get rewarded with points.
When the points reach a total of 1000, it is converted to $10.
Although, it is quite small. But, it still really feels refreshing to get financial rewards for staying healthy.

16. Become A Freelance Writer

You have been a wordsmith since you could say jack and you enjoy putting your experiences and observations into words?
It is getting even more impressive in the path you have chosen as demand is on the high side for writers these days.
The better you write, the more you are liable to earn. For starters, expect something as low as $10 for 1000 words.
You will consider it a fair share if writing comes naturally to you. If you can write for nothing, what stops you from writing for a little something.
Websites like upwork and Fiverr are perfect places to bid for the writing gig.

17. Do Technical Freelancing

The world is a roller coaster of technology and gadgets. As long as the world depends on technology for salvation in almost all areas of life, a tech-savvy human remains golden.
It is not enough to know that you are golden. How about you start making gold from all your technical activities and ideas?
You can! Build sites and help to upgrade apps for a fair price. Check out upwork and Fiverr and be ready to show some of your past works to convince them that you are capable of taking up a job.

18. Be An Assistant

To whom it may concern, get the detail of the activities you can assist with on upwork, indeed or and get paid.
Your service may be centered on creation or management.

19. Tutor Students Online

Teachers, get in here and see for yourself that your passion to impact is not useless or limited to your classroom.
It is not enough to teach a class only; sometimes you need to reach someone across the world so that you can be free indeed!
Most tutor websites pay very well- with over $20/ hour to bounce on after completing the process of tutoring.

20. Join a Focus Group And Earn $50-$200

Although, expect to get bored by the political, business and consumer researchers that will last for several hours.
Enduring and participating in this focus group can give you up to $50-$200

21. Data Entry And Typing Skills

That gift that you have and have honed so well that you can now get several words on your computer screen within a short time is scarce and is not found inherent in many people.
If you know what you have, you will work in the data entry department and earn a token.

22. Play Online Games

I salute all game lovers because it wears me out. If playing games are where your strength lies and you feel hours have nothing on your zest for it, brace up to get paid for playing online games.
Some sites like Swagbucks ensure that you get a financial reward for every game you play. Although, not particularly going to make you productive. But, it sure will give you something to hold on to.

23. Be A Search Engine Examiner And Get Paid

Not all the things that we do online are of a low standard. Some, are pretty professional. Being a search engine examiner is one. This does not mean it is not achievable, and it just means that you will need more than a show-off or a flash of interest to get things done.
Some of these websites require examiner work with certificates.
Whatever the case, it is an online world, and there is nothing impossible.

24. Be A Juror

Do you like giving verdicts and are you firmly opinionated, you may have found your dream job online.
With sites like eJury, you can be one of the members of the jurors and give opinions on matters within a group of people.
With jurors, you can make as low as $5 and as much as $10. These earnings are dependent on the length of time it took to reach a verdict on specific issues.

25. Be A Freelance Transcriptionist

Transcribing has now become one of the essential parts of this generation, as we now take the disabled seriously.
It is indeed a great thing plus it gives people with good ears and ability to listen ample chance to make headway.
You may not just need your listening ears; your fast fingers are also very much needed to be considered ready to work online as a transcriptionist.
Transcribeme is a great site to find deals, as well as TigerFish, BabbleType.

26. Sell Photos

Some people know the perfect lighting and angle for a good photo. I am not one. Are you?
You’re at luck. Because your photos can be sold, as long as your photos are good, inspiring and well edited, you can get deals on websites like Shutterstock, Adobe stock, iStockphotoz, and the others.

27. Listen To Radio And Earn A Token

That you have the luxury to listen to your favorite on-air personality and still get paid is the most enjoyable two in one benefit I have come across in a while.
You may even be one of the people that think deeply with the white noise. You still very much qualify as a radio listener and can earn as much as the one who loves to listen to a voice.
All you need to do apart from keeping the radio on is to enter a captcha code every half an hour.
Visit Fusioncash to learn more and make things real.

28. Become A Freelance Proofreader

No matter the number of fantastic writers out there, there is still a need for that eagle eye that serves as a great support system for write-ups.
What the eagle eye does is simple- it proofreads.
Do you believe you have this type of eyes and you do not mind reading through seemingly perfect publication? Upwork and freelancer are the websites you should be checking for proofread gigs.

29. Be a domain name flipper

Are you a natural at giving names and giving domain names has been a new passion of yours, get deals on platforms like Sedo and Flippo.
Not only can you be the direct giver of domain names, but you can also purchase domain names to resell on these platforms.

30. Teach People How To Play Chess

I hear there is an orgasmic emotion that comes with the chance to be the one to shout checkmate at the end of a chess game.
Not everyone knows this feeling because not everyone can play. If everyone could play, they would.
So, if you can teach people how to play chess – these people need you.
All that needs to be done are summarized in two necessary steps.
Advertise yourself on online chess forums and log on to websites like Care and Super Prof to offer your unique service.
Do not wait until you are a maestro; your basic knowledge is just about what is needed.

31. Make Money From Your Tweets

If you have been blessed in a time like this with a large tweeter following, you may not know what you have until you are done with this.
A large tweeter following communicates quickly to companies that you have an active community that will likely endorse any product you recommend. Hence, they come at you like ants follow sugar.
What they want is simple most times- endorse their products, as they, in turn, pay you or your service.

32. Write and Sell an eBook

This has been for long. But not for so long that it is no longer in vogue. It probably will always be one of the means of making cool money online.
If you have shared your opinion on a current or trendy conversation and you feel your voice is convincing and strong enough, you are at liberty to put your article up on sites like Amazon and sometimes your website if you have one.
You can earn a reasonable amount of money from doing this. It might not happen right away because the market is a bit saturated with a lot of eBooks for sale.
In the meantime, keep creating and marketing your eBook.

24. Read Emails And Get Paid

Inbox dollars has made something as necessary as reading emails more intriguing.
You probably read so many emails daily. Isn’t it beautiful to know that going through your emails can be a source of income too?
It is!

25. Add Google AdSense to Your Website

One of the best ways to make money from your website is to add a goggle AdSense to it.
Google AdSense works pretty directly. Just add an As code as soon as you sign it, and whenever people click on the ad, you get paid.
It is best used on a website that has a lot of traffic or a lot of people visiting.

26. Get Paid To Write Product Reviews On Your Website

If you have a website that has been able to garner a lot of visitors over time, companies are bound to come to you so that you can write a review about their product.
Taking up the deal can get you financial benefits or any other kind of interest.

27. Start Selling Products With Shopify

If you are interested in selling products online, the best bet may be to stay your own online shop/Shopify store.
Your products will be sold here as you build your website.
The ways to direct traffic to your site is to ensure that you try out SEO, related forums and social media among other things.
The process may be a long haul and exhausting. But, tarry and wait because it has a high tendency to yield great results.

28. Enter and win an online slogan contest

This is another fun thing to do online that will not just make you break unto smile but also tends to make your wallet shake.
All you need to do is go to google search engine, and type slogan contests and so many companies willing to pay dollars for this will automatically pop up!
You can also go to websites like SloganSlingers and Squadhelp for help, and you will surely get the right contests.

29. Write articles for favorite blogs

If you are a writer, these favorite blogs almost need you as much as the world needs them.
If a blog is popular, it most likely isn’t thriving on one writer’s input. You can join the community of writers that help to fan the flames of the blog just be being an excellent writer and willing to submit articles.
If you do adequate research, you will find blogs willing to pay you for that quality content that you can deliver.
An example of blogs that pay well and about $ 100 is the Listverse, and others include; upworthy, Fundsforwriters, A List apart and International living among others.

30. Design T-shirts and coffee mugs

Often, when we come across a beautiful phrase or a witty one on T-shirts and coffee mugs, we wonder where these things were dug out from. Guess what these designs could result from your inputs too.
If you have a passion for designs and can bring up words and phrases that will make heads turn, this is your call to visit websites like Zazzle and Cafepress so that you can connect with people willing to print your design on wares.
It is only reasonable that you get a fair share of the payment supposing the product goes viral.

31. Host a Webinar/share knowledge

Do you hold in-depth knowledge about things complicated to come by and you feel that all and sundry should get an insight into this profoundness, a Webinar is your best option.
Whether it is free or paid Webinar, you can get it done.
On a free Webinar, you may not get paid by viewers for the knowledge you will share, you will surely get a large crowd. So, you can use this to your advantage and advertise some of your products.
On a paid Webinar, you may get few viewers. But, undoubtedly viewers who will pay.

32. Sell your old unlimited data plan

If you still have an old unlimited data plan, honestly I do not understand why you are yet to shop for sales.
It is quite the icing on the cake in this age where data has become golden.

33. Design Logos

The companies out there today believe in the need for a business logo for the advertisement to run smoothly and for them to be able to reach a broader audience.
If you are a designer and you are quite talented in Logo designs, this is the time to go online and take advantage of the businesses that need you.
A logo design goes for about $5 on Fiverr application.
Another website where you can get your Logo sold for a reasonable amount of price is the 48 hours Logo site.
Things work in a slightly different manner in the 48 hours Logo as designers are registered here to contest for cash prizes.

34. Make money from your shortened URLs

It is not your shortened URLs that earn you money per se. But, when a certain number of people click on that shortened URL, expect to get paid.
You can get your URL shortened with, Shorte. St,,, and others.
Post it on your social media, and whenever followers click on the URL, there is a tendency that money is made.

35. Social media marketing

Before you venture into this, make it a point of duty to know that so much hard work will be required to attain and eventually maintain a high social status. This is not to scare you off but to prepare you for the cons associated with social media marketing.
More important than the clone is the fact that it can be a great source of income if you are indeed great at your job.
The correct use of the massive tweeter and Facebook followers can serve as the perfect medium to get products out there and make huge sales. You can as well help others (friends and business friends) to market their products and in turn, get paid.

36. Run solo ads and get traffic

Solo ads can help significantly in driving traffic to the available website
Heavy traffic online always means more money.

37. Become a social media manager

Many people earn full term salaries from managing the social media platforms of companies and businesses.
If you are naturally a social media influencer and your posts and photos garner a large number of audience, companies are probably going to hire you to help manage their platforms with the influence of your own and market their products.
You can also offer your services on the following popular platforms; indeed, upwork and Fiverr.

38. Offer coding service online

Computer programmers are in demand as much as birthday cakes are.
Make good use of this time and age and register with one of the most supportive websites for your craft; Upwork.
Because so many businesses are dependent on websites for growth and development these days, they are left with no choice but to hire a web developer. If you are a developer and you know your stuff, you are bound to never run out of work to do and of course, never run out of cash.

39. Earn well from designing websites

Your days of sitting by your computer for so long are about to get rewarded.
Just operating your computer at home designing websites can get you as low as $50,000 and as high as $100,000 monthly.

40. Be a translator online

This is instrumental for anyone that is language savvy. Do you know your second language as much as you know your first, and do not mind translating from one language to another, this is the gig for you.
There are so many audios, websites, and documents whose usefulness is very dependent on the strength of the translation. Be a lifesaver today and always by signing up as a translator on websites like;, proZ, Unbabel, and Textmaster.
Get paid in return.

41. Start a podcast

There are so many topics of interest that people always want to listen to. Yours is to look for a niche and give excellent talks on them.
This is bound to sell if you already own a blog. And if you don’t, do not be dismayed because you can still learn from podcasting as long as you are consistent and ready to learn from successful podcasters like Pat Flynn.

42. Be a newspaper columnist

You can put your knack for gossip and journalism to good use by writing for a newspaper.
Not every writer can work as a columnist. But, if you have garnered enough experience as a columnist, you can get a newspaper company to hire you as a full-time columnist.

43. Start a viral blog

You can become very successful as a lifestyle blogger. This is for you if favorite topics and news never pass you by.
You can make a lot of money from staying on course and knowing all the things going on around you.
All you need to do is own a website and create contents that people will like to check out on your blog.
To make money, use the Adsense method of income.
To go viral, do your thing and give your audience very juicy gossips.
To stay relevant, never copy another blog post.
Check Buzzfeed to see how viral blogs started.

44. Make your website more relevant to a contextual advertisement.

If you already own a thriving website, you may want to start putting up some contents that will drive traffic.
All you need to do is agree with individual companies like VigLink. This company helps to convert your websites to link, and whenever people click on this link, you are at liberty to earn some token.

45. Do Forex Trading

Before you make a decision based on the amount you have a chance of getting by partaking in forex trading, you need to make a lot of research and findings because it is not for the layman.
Forex trading is a simple online investment. Websites like is one of the examples of the places to visit if you want to learn and earn from Forex trading.

46. Test software and earn big

Are you an experienced programmer willing to do other things apart from developing and coding for money, you can earn a lot from registering online as a software tester.
You only need to get already designed webs and test the efficiency. Doing this is enough to give you as much as $50,000 per annum.

47. Start a crowdfunding campaign

Do you have a worthy cause and need funding to make it come to fruition?
Joining sites like CrowdRise, Indiegogo can give you a platform to express your desires.
People have been known to turn up if you go through the right channel.

48. Write a Resume and cover letter for people

You can earn decent cash just for having a knack for building people up with your words.
Your willingness to meet up with deadlines and your doggedness is mostly needed to keep you going as a resume and cover letter writer.

49. Become a Web hosting reseller

Companies like BlueHost and Godaddy are ever ready to sell their unlimited web hosting to you.
All you need to do is to get a platform online where you can resell the web hosting at decent cash.

50. Sell your videos

Do you have a flair for cinematography and do you own a standard camera?
You can make document videos, lifestyle videos or creative videos just to put it up for sale in websites like;
Usceen, Pond5, ClipCanvas.

51. Publish your kindle- books

If you have your book ready and you so desire to be on the radar of best sellers before you drop your pen, this is an excellent opportunity for you.
You can publish your work as a Kindle eBook and expose yourself to as many readers as are in the world.
Chances are one or two bibliophiles will click on your book and love it.
Before you know it, everyone is reading and you start to earn from the book you have probably posted some years back.
Although, it may take time. But, if what you have compiled is good enough, you need not worry.
Keep writing and publishing your books online.

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